The Burning China

Paperback, 177 pages
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ISBN: 978-962-8931-54-5
Language: Traditional Chinese
Publishing date: July 2009
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The Burning China



China reached its adulthood in the course of rejuvenation in 2008, a time when China was put to serious challenges such as the fierce snow storm, Lhasa incident, Sichuan earthquake, Taiwan's general election and Beijing Olympics. Now the globalised world at large has to tackle different problems made apparent in the new century, such as environmental protection, energy crisis and cultural clashes. How China is going to alleviate the plight becomes its first and foremost task in the new century.

The Burning China is a book that talks about the here and now of China. It provides an objective examination and commentary on China's road to modernisation and the challenges it is facing. An opinion leader with a unique perspective, Mr. Paul Yip Kwok-wah offers his critical viewpoints on issues ranging from governance to international situation to national identity. Neither fevered nor pessimistic, the author examines the hustle and bustle in a poised manner, analysing China's open and reform policies, global governance and crises, and opportunities the country is to face as it experiences growing intensity of its transformation.

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