We believe…
Now the world is faced with two major trends of globalization and informatization. In globalization, people have to tackle increasing worldwide challenges; in informatization, knowledge society has formed. People learn how to learn, how to transform information into knowledge and how to use knowledge wisely to produce positive values. Yew Chung Publishing House (YCPH) is dedicated to promoting this.

In globalization and informatization, there are greater interaction between the Eastern and Western cultures and close exchanges between China and other countries. In view of this, YCPH takes upon itself to promote coherence between the Eastern and Western cultures and positive interaction between China and other countries to help facilitate healthy globalization and informatization, and build a harmonious world.

We strive…
To be a quality provider of multi-lingual contents (mainly Chinese and English) that facilitate the learning of the Chinese culture, national affairs and general education, and mutual understanding of the Eastern and Western cultures.

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