About Us

Yew Chung Publishing House (YCPH) engages in the business of publishing contents in various formats that facilitate the learning of the Chinese culture, national affairs and general education, and mutual understanding of the Eastern and Western cultures.

YCPH has its own expertise team of researchers, writers and editors. Besides, our marketing specialists promote our products and services worldwide.

Considering meaningful publications to be social enterprise in nature and capitalising on synergy, YCPH has formed and will form partnership with other organisations on some of its projects.

YCPH is owned by Living Learning Culture & Education Co. Ltd. (LLCE) LLCE is a subsidiary of Yew Wah Education Management Company Limited, founded by eminent educators Professor Paul Yip Kwok-wah and Dr. Betty Chan Po-king in 2000. The company runs schools and a wide range of education-related businesses.

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