Classical Golden Poetry – A Contemporary Interpretation

Paperback, 250 pages
© 2018, Yew Chung Publishing House
ISBN: 978-988-78351-7-2
Language: Traditional Chinese
Publishing date: August 2018
Price: HK$98


Classical Golden Poetry – A Contemporary Interpretation

In the wake of publication of Classical Golden Verses – A Contemporary Interpretation, which was awarded Publishing Award in Language Learning category in 2017 Hong Kong Publishing Biennial Awards Competition, we have recently published Classical Golden Poetry – A Contemporary Interpretation.

“It is difficult to have conservations without learning poems”, said Confucius. In the digital era, teenagers create various new words and phrases, but overlook the use of Chinese poetry. Society is changing, but feelings, sentiments and experiences will remain the same as in the past. We can use classical poetry in our conversations, writing, letters or emails to express our deep and subtle feelings. Poetry can arouse sympathy and resonance, and make the texts more appealing.

The book groups 154 lines of poems into 13 themes. Under each line, there are five categories of explanation-“explanation of words”, “modern translation”, “stories”, “contemporary interpretation” and “sentence example”, and through them readers can increase their interest in and understanding of the poetry, and enhance their skills in writing and examination as well.

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