The Uniqueness of China’s Development Model: 1842-2049

Paperback, 208 pages
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Publishing date: June 2012

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The Uniqueness of China's Development Model: 1842-2049

The book discusses the development model of China which has now overtaken Japan as the world's second largest economy. This remarkable economic achievement has not followed the Western world's favorite developmental tools — of freedom, democracy and a market driven economy, but rather China's unique model — of one-party authoritarian rule with a mixed economy. The Middle Kingdom's way of development has largely questioned the West's core values — freedom and democracy. The book argues that the model is based on the country's 3,000-year-old civilization, forged by the efforts, innovations, trial and error process of several recent generations, and guided by the Chinese Communist Party in the past 60 years.

• Understanding the China Model
• Perspectives and a Comprehensive Discussion on the China Model
• The Social Structure, the Economic Structure and the Political Structure of the China Model
• The Future of the China Model and Its Impact
• Notable Figures in Modern Chinese History who Contributed to the China Model

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