The Uniqueness of China’s Development Model: 1842-2049
(Chinese version)

Paperback, 244 pages
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ISBN-13 978-981-4343-25-1
ISBN-10 981-4343-25-0
Language: Traditional Chinese
Publishing date: December 2011
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The Uniqueness of China's Development Model: 1842-2049 (Chinese version)

China is not only the most populous country, but also an ancient civilization of the world. Its development is closely related to the well-being of mankind. How to interpret “China’s Development Model” gives an answer to which direction the world’s future takes.

The author Paul Yip Kwok-wah emphasizes that discussions on “China’s Development Model” should be conducted in an equitable manner, while ideological disputes and traditional views of history are laid aside. Combining half a century’s observations and reflections from his personal growth, living and work experience, with a humanistic ultimate care perspective, Mr. Yip analyzes China’s development in the Asian region and in the context of globalization deeply. His points of argument transcend narrow nationalistic standpoint, and reject Western values as the only standard of discourse. The book looks squarely at China, and interprets “China’s Development Model” with insights.

The English edition of the book is to be published by the middle of the year.

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