Chinese Myths(中國神話故事)

(ed.) The Editorial Committee of Yew Chung International School, Hong Kong

Paperback, 139 pages
© 2005; Ming Pao Publications Limited
ISBN: 962-8872-21-4
Language: Traditional Chinese
Price: HK$59(USD7.56)


Chinese Myths(中國神話故事)

A book of both reference and interesting reading, Chinese Myths selects 13 representative stories from the Chinese folklore to enhance students' understanding of the Chinese culture along the road of their learning of the Chinese language. The stories are presented in both plain language of modern translation and classical Chinese, supplemented by contemporary re-reading of the stories and comparative interpretation with other cultures.

The selected stories include Pangu Created The Universe (盤古開天闢地), Legend of Yao(堯的傳說), Legend of Shun(舜的故事), Da Yu Successfully Controlled Floods(大禹治水), The Mythical Bird Jingwei Trying to Fill Up the Sea With Pebbles(精衛填海), Legendary Archer Yi Shot Nine Suns(羿射九日), Chang E Flew from the World to the Moon(嫦娥奔月), Wu Gang Chopped Laurel (吳剛伐桂), etc.

About the Authors
The Editorial Committee of Yew Chung International School, Hong Kong, which has now formed the professional editorial team of YCPH, consists of veteran educators and researchers of Chinese teaching in the international education context.

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